On this site, I will be blogging about streaming media services and the associated streaming media hardware used to access these services. I want to keep this site basic and easy to understand so that you can cut the cord on cable television and set yourself up to start using these streaming services. I will provide walk-through guides for setting up a television antenna, as well as getting-started guides for setting up your hardware.

My goal with this site is to help you save as much money as I have. This project all started when my wife got pregnant. She was planning on leaving her job to stay home to raise our child, and I was looking at our budget, wondering how we were going to survive. Our cable bill, $175!

We cut the cord!

We canceled cable, bought an antenna, and never looked back. After one month’s savings, we bought a Roku and signed up for a couple of streaming services. We were hooked, and raking in the savings.

Where to start?

Follow my guide (since this is a new site, I will be updating it frequently), Start here.

Start Here is a good first introduction to the concepts.

  » Step 1: Install a Television Antenna

  » Step 2: Introduction to Streaming Hardware Options

NEW: Amazon Fire TV Cube

Amazon is releasing the new Fire TV Cube on June 21st for $119.99 (Amazon Prime members get free two-day shipping). This is Amazon’s first hands-free streaming media player with built in Amazon Alexa. It offers 4K Ultra HD and HDR. With eight microphones offering far-field voice recognition and beamforming technology, the

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Article: USA Today reviews AirTV

USA Today did a nice review of the AirTV‘s newest streaming box. AirTV is a subsidiary of Dish Network / Sling Media. Their newest box allows you to connect an antenna to it and get over the air (OTA) broadcast signals to your network, a lot like Tablo or SiliconDust’s

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Antennas Direct Spring Sale

Looking to install an antenna so you can finally cut the cord? There is no better time than now, especially since Antennas Direct is currently running a 30% off any HDTV Antenna (wireless antennas are not included in this sale). Use code: SPRING30 and get 30% off any HDTV antenna.

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Article: Consumer Reports Compares Streaming Services

Consumer Reports published a quick comparison of some of the biggest streaming service options. They looked at what you get (and don’t get) for the price. Also, be sure to check out reviews for some of their top picks for indoor antennas. “Video Streaming Services That Will Let You Cut

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First Post…

This site is lean for the time being, but hey, I just launched it. Give me some time. I will keep working and expanding it. I’ve started with a quick “get started” guide, and an some help with installing an antenna at your house. I will be expanding both, but

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